Our Teal group trains with the goal of competing in the Ohio Diving League, AAU meets and/or other local age group meets. Our Silver group is made up of high school divers who want to train year-round, but only at the 1m high school level.


14 & older divers, 9th grade and up, who primarily dive 1m and want to dive in high school.

These divers are training for a full high school list on 1m and working on learning some 3m. Some of these divers are also working on getting a complete AAU 1m list and some 3m to move up to the Royal group.

They must be willing to do techniques drills, work towards improving their DD and attend 70% of their practices per month.


13 & under divers, 8th grade and under, who primarily dive 1m and are near a complete AAU or USA diving list and are learning 3m. Teal level divers are expected to attend ODL Diving and AAU meets.

11 & under may be asked to attend USA meets. These divers are training to learn a full AAU list on 1m and some 3m to move up to the Royal group. They must be willing to learn AAU lists, attend 80% of their mandatory practices per month and maintain progress in order to stay on the team for future sessions.

Summer Silver/Teal 2024

Summer Session begins June 1 and runs until mid August

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